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Vegan Sleeve for A6 memobottle

$44.95 $34.95
  • Treated edging
  • Non-Animal product
  • Quality stitching
  • Fits perfectly on the A6 memobottle
  • The pocket fits a standard ID or Credit Card.

The pocket fits a standard ID or Credit Card. The A6 premium vegan sleeve will enable you to preserve your A6 memobottle™ while adding a touch of designer personality. The vegan sleeve provides insulation for your memobottle, and with quality stitching and treated edging, will fit your memobottle like a glove.

The A6 Vegan Sleeve features a stitched pocket on one side, with enough room to fit a bank, business or ID card

Please note: This item does not include the A6 memobottle.


How to care for your sleeve:

  • The Vegan sleeve does not require regular cleaning but a little care every now and then will ensure a prolonged life.
  • Clean stains and dirt from the sleeve as soon as possible with a smooth damp cloth.  Rub the stain very carefully to avoid harming the sleeve.  Persistent stains may require treatment by a professional cleaner.
  • Never wash the sleeve with water.
  • Allow the product to air dry if it gets wet. Do not use hot heat like a hair-dryer to dry the product and do not leave for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. It may cause damage to the material.

Most PU leather smell will dissipate with time.