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Vintage World

Compass - Australian Penny


This handcrafted 1930’s Australian Penny back design sundial compass is made from Brass-Combination of metals and to an antique finish. Traditional time telling tools combine a compass that identifies the true position of north combined with hours of the day allowing a shadow to be cast to identify the time of day.

Time; some days it is our friend and sometimes our worst enemy. We want to know it well, for curiosity’s sake, for business & studies and because for good or for bad we will never see or experience that same moment once it is in the past. And so we are bound to respect it. Ironically, it is both our most precious and valuable commodity, yet it is the one thing that is so freely given to all living things and it will catch us all eventually.

 So why not grab ‘Old Man Time’ by the horns and get your piece of time from Vintage World’s range of maritime-themed antique-inspired timepieces. Give someone you love the gift of time. A collectable sundial is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and any other event (corporate or personal) that observes and recognises the unstoppable passage of time; from birthdays to retirements. Sundials are the ultimate in low maintenance gift ideas too. They will never need a battery, never need to be recharged. Indeed, for as long as time is running away from us, a sundial will always be hot on its heels.

 Vintage World’s range of antique-styled Sundials is all handcrafted in the finest metal alloys and use designs rich with nautical tradition.