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Freshly Baked Beard Oil

Milkman Grooming Co

Freshly Baked Beard Oil



In one easy application, you'll notice:

1) A softer beard & moisturised skin & hair (no more dryness & beard flakes).

2) A better looking beard as the nourishing botanicals strengthen the follicles & give them a healthy lustre.

3) Any itchiness or irritation is calmed as the soothing aloe vera extract, anti-oxidants & deeply penetrating botanical oils go to work.

4) The sweet & spicy Freshly Baked fragrance that will turn your beard into a weapon of mass seduction.


Only Three Easy Steps to a Soft, Conditioned & Fragrant Beard

Step 1: Gently towel dry your beard after a shower

Step 2: Dispense a few drops into the palm of your hand

Step 3: Apply to the beard, first upward against the grain and then comb or brush the hair back down into shape with your fingers comb or brush

Generally stubble & short beards will need only a few drops. Medium beards may require between 6-12 drops & large beards may absorb at least a full dose from the dropper.