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The Fixie Pizza Cutter - Watermelon


Makers and purveyors of quirky, fun bits and pieces that brighten up your everyday, Doiy knows just how to put a smile on your face. And the faces of many other people around the world, too!

Everybody loves pizza. Everybody. Whether you’ve been lucky enough to experience it in Italy, make it yourself with fresh ingredients, or tend to stumble around your local pizza joint at two in the morning, there’s few other foodstuffs that compare in terms of global love and appreciation.

The frustrating thing however is that sometimes you need a chainsaw to get through the thick crusts! And sometimes you simply sit there hacking back and forth with an ordinary pizza wheel.

So make the ordinary extraordinary with these fun Fixie Pizza Cutters! They ride over the top of pizzas with two cutting wheels, and are constructed with colourful, solid metal frames that can be appreciated by everyone – and not just biking enthusiasts!

Fixie Pizza Cutter features:

  • Designed in Spain.
  • Made from coloured metals.
  • Strong frame will handle pressure as you press the two cutting wheels in to your pizza.
  • Includes a stand, should you wish to leave your Fixie on the kitchen bench.
  • Hand wash recommended.