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Milkman Grooming Co

Natural Deodorant - Sandalorian


Would you rather keep using those aluminium & petroleum-based spray deodorants or would you like to use a completely natural & easy-to-use alternative that gets the job done even better? Here's how our natural deodorant works:

  1. Kaolin clay, Arrowroot powder & Cornstarch absorb moisture.
  2. Magnesium hydroxide, zinc & plant-based oils slow down bacterial growth without harming the natural skin balance.
  3. Our signature perfumes give you a masculine aroma.
  4. We leave out all the garbage that clogs your pores & messes with the environment.
  5. Large 75ml twist up container.

The King of Wood also contains activated charcoal to help absorb odours.

This deodorant weighs in at a whooping 170grams and the dimensions of the twist up canister is 4.7cms in diameter and 10.3cms high.

This is a real crowd pleaser. We combine familiar marine notes with those of sandalwood to give a fresh, lively aroma that projects really well with lots of delicious top & middle notes. If you love fragrances like Cool Water, CK One or Aqua Di Gio then this will be your vibe.