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Gentlemen's Hardware

Travel Towel


Embrace your new adventures wherever you go fresh-faced and ready after using this travel towel by Gentlemen's society. Tried and tested for high efficiency at removing water from the skin a while being 6 times lighter than a standard towel. No more waiting for a towel to slowly dry, this towel dries in minutes! Because we know you pack light and compact, our travel towel takes up less than half the space of an ordinary towel. Meaning you can fly off to your next music festival, a road trip around Europe or simply no space in your luggage for huge towels. A great gift for that friend who seems to be always away! 

Description Length 10 cm, Height 23 cm, Width 6 cm. The towel Length 76 cm, Width 120 cm. The material is microfiber 80% polyester 20% polyamide. The packaging is made of card. Special Care Instructions - machine washable.